Invitation to Svbtle and the Fear of Writing

A while ago, I got invited by Svbtle, a new kind of blogging platform that focus on the writing itself. Svbtle is similar to Medium, but it allows you to use your own domain as your blog address. I thought I don’t need a domain name, since my current address is a nice one :, and  if you want to check my writings at Medium, go to

I got so excited about this invitation, since I requested to join months ago. I thought my writings didn’t qualify the standards of Svbtle.

Yes, I was so excited. But what then?

An invitation to a great platform should encourage you to write more and better. But when I open my text editor, the fear of writing went in and I immediately close the window. What do I fear, anyway?

The act of writing is uncomfortable. It forces you to generate Ideas in a speed of light. It forces you to burn down your thoughts into written words. And it forces you to obey grammar. And the fact that you always think about your audience just make it worse.

Well, writing is a comfortable act if I choose to enjoy it. Forget all the pain and fear, and just write. Writing should be a deliberate practice, and not something that I could do with discipline. Even when I set a goal on my writing, I can only write well if I intended to do it.

Like any other creative activities, writing can be joyful if you really want to do it. Not because something forced you.

So? Just write and make it a daily habit.