Can we say nothing about what are going around us? Can we feel nothing about what are going around us? Are we just too ignorant or we are just as careless as everybody?

We are living in a messy world full of distraction and worthless things. But if we keen on noticing, there are plenty of worthless things that we can turn into something worth for everything. Let’s say words. Words are cheap. Words are nothing but what goes out from your mind and said by your mouth. Words are cheap, but nevertheless words are powerful. Powerful enough as a whisper would trigger an avalanche that will bring a mountain down.

Many successful people are renown through their work with words. Let’s take a look at Martin Luther King Jr. He was just an African-American fighting for his race’s right in equality with the whites, just like the others are doing. But he was worth of remembrance because he was good with words. How many people are crying and their heart beating fast when they hear -I have a dream- speech?

Again, Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian born in the 19th century fighting for the independence of India from Britain. Apart from his minimalist lifestyle and non-violence act, he was renowned for being simple with words. How can a monk in the slums of India can be well-known to the world and attained a title of a hero? Words, words it is.

Because words leads to action.