What Keeps You Going?

What keeps you going? What keeps you wasting your sweat every minute? Is that your loved one? Is that you’re going to make people impressed with your struggle? Every minute, you just doing something useless with all your effort. Do you know why it is meaningless?


Because you want reward for your work. Does the reward fulfills your need? Not all you get is what you really need. As an example, you have worked for months to have the money to buy cool and expensive clothes. You did this to make people understands and realize that you are a hard worker. Or you did this to get respect or praise from others. It’s really about social status. What’s really matter about social status?
It’s true that we are happier when our social status is high. But social status is not the one that we must struggle for. Social status is not a permanent mark in our lives. Happiness doesn’t count only on social status. Happiness can be from friends, and good health. So, it’s better do something for friends and for good health than for a meaningless social status. Social status will gone if you lost your wealth or if you accidentally become very poor, but friends and health don’t.


Because you are greedy. Greed means wanting more and more, without knowing what is enough. To boost success, greed is often considered as a primary way to get it. But we must aware that greed is a terrible mental illness. How come? As I said before, a greedy man doesn’t know where is his limit for enough. He doesn’t know how to enjoy the matter of enough. A greedy man tends to use any possible way to get what he wants. Even by bad ways, stealing, scamming or anything else. We all know that everything that we gain with bad ways can corrupt us.

Love it

Because we love it. Surely, what can stops a man from doing what he like? Nothing. Doing what we like is like living in paradise. We always feel happy and interested in it. We don’t have any temptation to not doing it. Therefore, if we love something we always going trough on it, in any ways.


Because you have a goal. If you have a goal, you have the mind to achieve it. And you constantly work on it, no matter what happens. Having a goal forces you to work on only what is related to your goal, and what can bring you closer to your goal. When you have reach your goal, you become happy. And then you will set a new goal and work on it. It’s going into greedy area then. Actually, having goal is an endless cycle if you don’t have the feel of contentment.

That’s why

That’s why you keeps going on what are you doing. Maybe not all of them are true for you. Without giving up and lose everything that you have worked on. It is wonderful to keep going on something we like, but it is much wiser to think about it deeply. Is our blood and sweat worth the result?