We need revolution, not evolution. The system is already broken, it’s far far better to change it with a new one, than to cope with the broken.

It’s true that not all the parts are broken. But broken things spread. If just a cog in a machine were broken, all the other cogs will soon be broken. If just a screw were missing, the system is dying, sooner or later it will die. A broken part is always surrounded by cracking parts, parts waiting to be broken, and they spread. Improving a broken system will likely to break them more. We need change

Do you know why it is so hard to improve our education system, our bureaucrats, our government, and our own welfare? Because we just inherited them from our parents, from old men from the past. You know ages change, time flies, but we kept on improving the broken system. Not a whole change were made. Yet we all know it’s a very slow improvement.

We keep relying our future on the broken system. Our national growth is so slight, yet we all insisted to keep the system. Broken things are everywhere, yet we all forced to run the broken system. We want our nation to be rich and prosperous, yet we all insisted to keep the system made for poor and starving nation.

Education is the most fundamental system of our nation, yet we all running the system that our great grandfathers from the colonial era used. Everything’s changing, so why not our system?

We run our schools like we run factories. We educate our children the way we manufacture robots to do jobs we want to. There are no two identical children in this world, each has his own character and personality, yet we treat them all the same. Either we are too indifferent or we just don’t realize that they are the most valuable asset for the future of our nation.

Old men who created this mess and broke everything this nation own will all soon die. Let’s forget them. It’s our time to make a change. The future lies in our hand now, and no other.

Everyday, everywhere our children are spreading their dreams beneath our feet, and we have to treat them softly. If we truly love our children. Stop entrusting our valuables to this broken system that we all know. Let’s clear this mess and make a change. A real change.