The Power of Written Communication

“There is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking.” —Jeff Bezos, Amazon

I love written communication. Not through short bursts of emails or chats, but through a clear narrative document.


1. It lasts

No more arguing whether people catch my hallway chat. No more "ah sorry I forget about that" moments. People can always read the document.

2. It provides clarity

A well-written document clears away ambiguity that often comes with spoken words. Readers will also process my thinking by themselves, on their own time when they are most ready.

3. It forces me to think

Just as what Bezos said: when I write, I tend to think more critically and in a more structured way. Flaws that I usually have when speaking, I usually catch them earlier in writing.

If only people write more, I believe the workplace will face a next-level productivity.