This March

  1. Persiapan UN beneran. Ga terlalu santai, tapi juga ga terlalu ngoyo. Ideal lah.
  2. Lot’s of Exams, Ujian sekolah, Ujian praktek, dan tugas-tugas susulan.
  3. Mengirim berkas ke UI. After all those moments, after such sacrifice and struggle.
  4. Lot’s of Try Outs. I’m still way below the average. -___-
  5. SAT Preparation Try Out. As for today the result is not yet out. Still hoping for the best result. [Update]. I got 1650, the best in my class, even in my school. Damn yeah, but I need more.
  6. My birthday is on this month. I’m 17 now! Sweet 17 Irfan! :3
  7. So many loses. But I never give up. As I am a man of dream.
  8. I switched my body rhythm. I woke up hours before dawn to study, and stay awake till the sun rises.
  9. I hope this month really worth it, cause it’s really a hardworking month. XD