This April

  1. National Examination was on 15th-18th. I’ve done my best, but without my maximum power. Alas, what is done is done, just pray for the result.
  2. This year’s National Examination was considered to be a fiasco.
  3. Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia, I thank you! 🙂 At least, I need not to study for SBMPTN. Thank’s God.
  4. My book reading, and blogging schedule is in ruin.
  5. After the exam is done. I went home. I went for an adventure.
  6. Reading goes well again, as well as blogging.
  7. Went back to school to prepare for my SAT, and Graduation Party.
  8. It’s a totally struggling month, but in the end, it’s great relief 🙂