Think That Our Earth is Only One

Everybody made the same mistakes again and again. They didn’t realize that our earth is one. They kept burning, mining, bombing, drilling and building everywhere. They made one side of they earth brighter, cleaner and better; but they left the other side darker, full of clutter and rubbish, and worse.

They thought that our earth is a hard disk, they kept filling it with files and rubbish without cleaning and fix it. They kept busy working on it. Knowing that a new version of it, with more storage capacity and more features, will be able to hold their future files. And then they left the old, outdated one, and didn’t care with it anymore.

Remember, now, our earth is only one. I didn’t resist that someday, we will have a new earth, just like we have a new version of hard drive. But, how if we won’t?