The Simplicity of Life

I wonder why everyone is complaining about the complexity of their life. Well, I know that life is damn mingled, complicated, and difficult, even mine as well. But I just realized that it is we who make this life so complicated.

Actually, the essence of life is very simple. The time God created us, the only thing that we up to is to do good. Because good things bring another good things. And we all know, that single duty is really easy to do. Just be good and do good. But in reality, many other irrelevant matters disrupt our life. Things like ego, desire, and conflicts will continue to disrupt us for the rest of our life. Those things need to be avoided.

In fact, life is so much simpler when you forget the unnecessary and non-essential things. The unnecessary things are far greater than the necessary. The necessary includes what is absolute, things that we can’t life without. Food, clothes, home, close friends, and career are some examples. Other than that are craps.

When I tried to cut most of my activity and possessions, I felt real free. I have so much space to be content with. I have so much free time to do hobby and passion without interfering other tasks. When we have very few things to do, it’s great because we can do the things that really matter to us. The one that has high impact to our lives. When this kind of simplicity is achieved, we can focus on the essential life. And be free.

In my view, I would rather do a single task that really worth to put my effort in than to do many task that have little impact on me. It’s far important to do a single things greatly than to do tons of things poorly. And it’s the basic of single-tasking paradigm. When we have one focus point, and nothing interrupt us, it’s the only time when we can simplify life to it’s essence: do good.