@terns Lunch & Learn: Product Manager Panel

Every week or so, the university team at Twitter hold a panel for interns to learn during lunch. Here are some notes that I take during one of the sessions on Product Management. Four product managers across the company are giving informations & insights on being a product manager at Twitter.

  1. Being a product manager is like a CEO, but without real authority
  2. The success of a manager is measured by the overall output of the whole team
  3. Learn all the way through failures is an inefficient way to learn. Sure you will learn a lot by failing, but you will be in a much better position when you have successes
  4. Understanding deeply about technical things will help you to be a better product manager
  5. If you want to be a product manager, get to know what real product managers do
  6. A product manager must be ready to talk to people, and be in a more personal relationship with her team
  7. Talk to customers
  8. Don’t make me think: make the product extremely simple (case with Twitter)
  9. Make things that are extremely useful or emotionally appealing (make users feel good)
  10. Being a product manager is about decision making, analyzing tradeoffs, and measuring things both quantitively and qualitatively

Personally, I find those things thoughtful & worth contemplating. I hope you also find them useful. ?