"Chance favors the prepared mind, and opportunity favors the bold ." - Louis Pasteur.

If opportunity knocks, ensure that we are ready to catch it. Sometimes, opportunity is about luck. And we know that luck is not an objective thing. We cannot control luck. Luck is more like magic than science.

There are successful people out there. Not just the lucky one-trick-pony, but real successful people. People who attained multiple successes. Luck rarely strikes the same person more than once, so multiple successes should not be about luck. They are merit.

Merit is when you catch an opportunity at the right time, at the right place, with the right preparation. And it is a lifelong experience to build merit, it’s not something that you can build overnight.

Yes, we cannot predict opportunities. They will come in front of our face suddenly that after just a blink of an eye, they are gone. And I believe there is a strategy in managing opportunity, like what those successful people do.

One thing for sure: at any point in time, always be ready to catch every opportunity that comes to you.


Well, that depends on what do you want to be in life. If you want to be a writer, be sure you always had writings on your mind, so that when someone offers you a book contract, you will not just turn it down because you don't have any ideas. If you want to be a chef, be sure to practice cooking every day, so when an opportunity to show up on TV comes to you, you are ready to perform.

Life will throw you a lot of opportunities. When will they come is not something that we cannot predict. So we must be ready at all times. If you are not, then the fault is on you.

There’s nothing to lose in being ready for war. Should the enemy strike your gate, you are ready to pick up your sword and put on defense.

The best opportunities are those that come to the prepared mind. So sharpen your sword.