On Spreading Ideas

Everybody has ideas. And right now, there are way so many platforms to share your ideas. You know, the Internet is what I’m going to say. In this decade of freedom, we have no limit on how to put our ideas across the public.

There are countless of ways to publish your ideas. From the first digital era, we have personal websites. Then, countless of blogging platforms appeared. Blogging has just gone so powerful these days. And now, we are in the social media era. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr. Each has their own features and specific functions, but all of them are platforms.

There are platforms, but what do we say to them? We have to showcase our ideas. Platform is the container of ideas, and we must put them in front of our door for everyone to see.

How many of us are using the Internet just to surf funny videos or skimming the news? You may gain lots of knowledge and information, but what did you do to the knowledge you’ve gained?

Human brain are made not only to store data and memories of the past, but also to process them. It is what makes us survive countless of generations. When we gained knowledge and information, then our brain saves and process them. How often do you find yourself stumbling on an idea, either a great idea or just some conclusions to what you find earlier?

Often times, ideas will just appear randomly on your mind. And after a while,they’re gone. You don’t even remember it for five minutes. If you have ideas, be sure to spread them. Not only you will remember and act upon it. You’ll also provide new information and insights for others.

By spreading your ideas, good things will come. If all people spread their ideas, not just ignore and let them go, this world will be an ultimate idea bank. When two or more ideas meet and match, it will grow, like a snowball effect. At first it was just mere ideas, but when thousands of ideas are met and combined, ideas are not just ideas anymore, they will come real soon enough.

The Internet is full of junks. It contains 80% porn, and 20% writing. How awful is that. We have to offer the Internet with ideas, original and meaningful ideas. So when I close my browser window, new insights will grow in my mind, and helping myself to be better.

Not only for other people, spreading your ideas will also benefit you. You don’t have to bury your ideas in the depth of your brain for a lifetime. You don’t need to fear that you’ll forget your ideas, because now they’re written on the web. You will regret more if you don’t share your ideas than if you share them.

Your ideas will spread all over the world, benefiting all human beings who read them. And you have done a great job for making humanity better. Even if they don’t spread, you just need some marketing.

This is my first post on medium, so please don’t expect it to be of high quality. I will try to constantly improve my writing, as I have ideas to share. Help me! :)