On Reading

I read as much as I can. I read everything that attracts me. Whatever it is.

On my past years, I’m not reading much. But still, reading is somehow attached to my soul. I enjoy reading.

Reading is not just grasping pages by pages of a novel, or skimming through a textbook. Reading is savoring the written words. Reading is tasting ideas. Reading is taking your soul an adventure into another universe.

For me, reading is an entertainment. Reading makes me happy. Reading brings me joy and frees me from sorrowful moments.

For me, reading is learning. I learn many new things. And let me view the world in a different way.

When I was child, I was taught to read. Now, I believe that it was the most righteous thing that I’m grateful of. Because reading is the heart of learning and life.

I learned to read. Then, I’m reading to learn.