March is almost at its end. I turned 18. The midterm exam is a few days away. I’m still training the SMA 1 Bekasi computer olympiad team. I joined Ristek Fasilkom, Information System special interest group. I’m still wondering why they named it information system when what they do is web development. I also joined Center for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies, general maintenance division. I’m also still wondering why I was placed in that division. Those are the two official activity groups I joined in University of Indonesia.

I feel that life in March is very lively. It’s flowing effortlessly while I hold so many activities. In fact some of my activities are mind relaxers, acting to prevent me from burning out. I’m grateful that I still had those meaningful activities. Currently, there are no development projects going in my list, I think that’s why I feel so relieved. I realized that they took great portions of my time.

Last week, I went to the 10th Turkish Olympiad in Sasono Langen Budaya, TMII. An annual cultural competition for Pasiad schools accross Indonesia. I was so happy to meet my old friends, belletmens, and teachers. High school memories. Maybe, watching Turkish Olympiad will be my annual agenda since TMII is just a few miles apart from UI. It’s inspiring to see how your juniors perform amazingly, competing each other to show their best. It’s also great to see which school has the craziest supporters. 🙂

The upcoming month will be tough. I couldn’t turn down offers that keep coming at me. So I’ll face the consequences. Lessons learned: keep your promises. It’s the only thing we have to do in life.