Living in the Internet

The internet has become a second realm for us to live. There are countless of activities and resources for us. We can connect our physical realm with the internet, or even starting out the virtual life with a new personality. We can make friends, and we can make enemies. The karma in the internet is almost the same with our physical world. There are sins and there are virtues.

Just like fire and sword. The internet can be a breakthrough for humanity to advance to the next level. It can be a real useful thing for us, or it can burn us down to last cell.

There are tons of junks in the internet, whether we are consciously consume them or not. But there are also gems in the internet, the virtuous bits that could pricelessly improve our life forever.

The internet is just a medium, how the internet affect us depends on our actions toward it. The consequence of our action in the internet will affect our physical realm, believe it or not. True enough, because we are using the same mind and the same soul in both realms. What we do in either realm, will affect one another.

As there are ethics in our physical realm, there are also ethics in the internet. Ethics that will guide us to get the most of our life. We must live wisely on the internet as we live wisely in our physical realms. Maybe in the future, we would need online religions to guide us on living in the digital realm.

After all, the internet is just a medium made of billions interconnected machines. God do exists, but people have godlike power over the internet. As God could manipulate our realms freely, people could manipulate the internet freely. As if we’re the gods of the digital existence. This is dangerous but very useful as well.

Do you live well in the internet? Do you realize how much it had affected you?