Life is Just Another Lie

It’s been a long time, we are told that living in this world is full of suffering. I believe that it’s true all the way. When we began to live in this world, we don’t know what its purpose is. We were told. Some say that we are planting seeds that would grow in this mortal world, then we would harvest them in the afterlife. Some say that we must suffer, so that we can experience the eternal happiness in the afterlife. Though no one could tell me if they have been to the afterlife. It’s just a matter of faith, they say. Have faith, and goodness will always be with you. Life is just another lie.

Some say that life, indeed is suffering. By suffering, we are experiencing spiritual happiness and bliss. It’s a ‘wow’ to me, you know. It’s a tough saying. Suffering and happiness are mutually exclusive in my experience. It can be true anyway, but it’s just another paradoxical phrase. Kudos for those who suffer and at the same time are happy.

While some people could strangely gain happiness from suffering. There are also people who would say that they live only once. It’s a big waste of time to life without happiness. So they avoid suffering and focus on enjoying the present moment. They say that happiness is the key of humanity. We will feel happy when others are happy, and others will feel happy only if we are happy too. It’s a two-way correlation anyway. It’s just another enigmatic form of altruism. They believe that they can be happy by doing good things, but the difference with the first ideal is, they don’t believe in the afterlife. They feel that the afterlife need not be exist. So they focus on their current life. But what if the afterlife does exist? Who can guarantee it except our faith?

The nonexistence of the afterlife can also bring awful things and madness. There are people who life only to make themselves happy, satisfying their lust and desire. They only think for their own good, other people are just distractions. They don’t even mind doing bad things and creating chaos, as long as it will satisfy their needs. And what would be of the psychopathic minds wandering out there? What they would feel? It’s altogether simple and complex at the same time. Life is so hard and full of assumptions, full of relying on faith.

Right or wrong, good or bad, chaos or harmony. We could always choose anything for life, and we know (or don’t know) which one it is.