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4 months ago, October 2014

Working in Silicon Valley is my dream. I didn’t remember when I was introduced to the name Silicon Valley, but since then I always think that Silicon Valley is the Mecca of technology. Silicon Valley is the home of the greatest technology company in the world.

When Elon Musk decided to move from South Africa into the US, he said that America is the land of possibility. Great things happen in the US more than anywhere else in the world. And as for today, Elon Musk had founded several billion dollar companies such as PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX. He’s my hero.

Back in early October, some of my friends on Facebook posted about a program called Indo2SV. It’s a mentoring program by fellow Indonesian employees that are working in Silicon Valley, for Indonesian students to land their internship in Silicon Valley. Thinking that this program maybe a way for me to go to Silicon Valley, I decided to apply.

The selection process consists of several stage, the resume screening stage, the essay stage, programming project stage, and interview stage. Luckily I passed every stage and became the selected 8 to be mentored.