These Hectic Months

In the last few months my life had been a hectic one. Works came and passed and came again. Appointments were made. Lots of them kept, few broken. Commitments were made. And I kept most of them to this minute. But I had to discard some of my important commitments, because I had to keep my head sane.

I’m sorry for not joining Best Wanna Be UI 2013. I’m sorry for not actively participating in PMB Fasilkom 2013.  It’s not that I’m not serious at everything. It’s mainly because of my list of priorities stacked up so high, that I couldn’t barely manage anymore. I have to work to keep my finance safe. I do web designs as a freelancer, and I teach Olympiad lessons twice a week. I have household things to do at my dershane, I do cooking and other weird stuffs.

I have side projects to do. I have deadlines to watch.

Those days were crazy, and so the forthcoming days are. I couldn’t enjoy my hobbies anymore. I barely do any writings, even I failed to update this blog on time. My reading frequency lessens, my to-read list hasn’t changed at all. Even I read Quran less.

Maybe this is the hard part of transitioning from my high school mindset into a university one. Those days were crazy, yes, but I’m steadily improving to reorganize my life.