Goodbye, Indonesia

I departed from Soekarno-Hatta airport on Friday at 6.15 am. It was my first attempt to go to an airport alone. At fist I was afraid I would look like a stupid person lost in a sea of cool people. Turns out I look stupid, but I decided to stay cool.

I arrived at the airport at 3.15am, the airport was busy but I was told by the security guard that my airline check in counter won’t open until 4am. And so I waited for almost an hour. Filled with boredom, I took my kindle out from my bag and read something.

The Happiness of Pursuit, by Chris Guillebeau. This was the book that I read. It told stories about people taking on crazy quests that have a meaningful impact on their lives. The writer alone had a quest to visit every country on earth, all of them. I read a few pages before the check in counter opened.

The man at the check in counter was very nice. I was very anxious before, but he chatted with me, it reduced my anxiety level down. Chill. I have done online check in the day before, so the process at the counter was quick, just toss your baggage and done.

I ran through a few more security checks and learned a few things. It turns out you can’t bring bottled water to the plane. Sigh. I just bought myself one. At last I waited on the gate lounge, and read a few more pages of the book. And then the boarding call came, and I was on board.