GDP Internship Week #2

In the second week of my internship at GDP I was given the list of projects to choose, and I ended up choosing a project that compelled to me the most. What I had to do was to create a pre-configured Jenkins image on Docker, so that when the company launch a new project requiring Jenkins, they can just run the docker image instead of manually installing and configuring Jenkins from scratch.

This project was very challenging, because I didn’t have any experience with Docker and Jenkins yet. The previous week, we (the interns) were given a training on installing and using Jenkins as a continuous integration server, so I have a bit of light on what Jenkins is. The rest of the week I spent on reading the official Docker documentation, and watching various technical talks on Youtube. My favorite so far is Introduction to Docker by Solomon Hykes at Twitter University.

Another important event this week, GDP Labs was moving from the KS Tubun Office to Citicon Tower at Slipi. The former office will be used as the headquarter of, a fast growing sister company of GDP.