My First ICPC

A few days ago, on the 23rd and 24th day of October 2013 I participated in the International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Jakarta site. There were 63 teams competing in this competition, 50 of them were from Indonesia and the rest were from neighboring countries. The competition located on site at Binus University. Before competing in this round, teams from Indonesia had to pass the INC (Indonesian National Contest) level as the best 50 teams or Compest Programming Competition as the best 3 teams. My team (CodeBringer) with kak Indra Eka Prasetya (IK 2010) and kak Andros (IK 2010) got the 9th rank in INC.

Team Codebringer from UI

Team Codebringer, Kak Indra, Kak Andros, Me (left to right)

There were 9 teams from the University of Indonesia who passed to the ICPC level. On the first day we were coming late because some of our friends had midterm exam in the morning. We went to Binus University by using our university’s Yellow Bus. Because of the traffic condition, it took us almost 2 hours to get to Binus University. When we got there, we already missed some key events in the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony finished, we headed up to the 7th floor to have a practice session.

On the second day we were going to Binus very early in the morning around 6.00 a.m. to avoid the busy traffic, but unfortunately it took us 2 hours to travel from UI to Binus that day.

The first thing to do that morning was to have breakfast, since we knew that the breakfast is provided by the committee, we anticipated it by not eating anything in the morning.

The competition starts at 9.30 a.m. and finished at 2.30 p.m. Through the competition time my teams solved 4 problems out of 10, and finished at the 26th rank. This could have been better, since we get so many time penalties because of several annoying bugs we met during the contest. This is not something to be regretted, because we didn’t set up a specific target to be the winner.

It was a very delighting event for me, because I knew many other contestants well, including my friends from TOKI or my friends at high school.


Yasya’, Mas Alfan, Me, and Ammar. We are from SBBS, and now competing as 4 different teams.

We joined several more events after the competition finished, including talks and the much waited awarding ceremony. There were talks from IBM,, Binus CEO, the ICPC manager, and even our Communication and Informatics minister (Mr. Tifatul Sembiring) came and gave a talk on improving IT in Indonesia.

And there came the awarding ceremony. From the INC, two teams from UI won the award. +1 Saklar Lhompat as the first winner, and Algorithmyst as the third winner, while the second winner came from ITB. From the ICPC, Vidina 2.0 from UI won the best local team award. This is indicating that no local team win the ICPC awards, and no local teams will go to the ICPC World Finals in Russia. 🙁

UI Teams

All team delegations from University of Indonesia

Though my team didn’t win any awards, it’s still a great experience for me to compete at an international event with full English atmosphere. The one thing that I will not forget is : THE FOOD. The food was so delicious and abundant. There were LOT’S of food ranging from beef standards to vegan standards to sate to es doger to pempek and other kind foods. And don’t mention the snacks. I will certainly participate in next years ICPC for the food.  🙂