Education Revolution

This time I’m going to write about Education Revolution. This year of 2012, in Indonesia I still see many poor quality schools. Not only the facilities, but also the system and the people in it.

I’m writing this because I really feel it. I’m currently a high school student and I’ve passed my Primary and Secondary School. Until this day, Indonesian schools only teach us about science and other subject that can be read from text books. Not only that, I also think that the students are not active. Only listening to their teacher and reading text books. Meanwhile, the teacher who should encourage their students to be active and passionate only teach as a job, not from their heart.

This is one of the weakness of our system. I heard that in the other countries, teacher is a respected profession and only those who have passion and capability to teach are allowed to teach teach. Teacher should be focusing on educating their students to be ready to face the challenge of tomorrow.

This is the Information age, not Industrial age anymore. In Industrial age, if you go to university and have a high degree you will achieve success easily. But now, it’s different. Having a high degree doesn’t guarantee you to be success in life. Why? Because the current education system doesn’t prepare you for facing the Information age, it prepares you to face the Industrial age! You can’t use an outdated education system in a world that constantly changing and overloaded with information. We must build a new system that fits for this age!