Bronze, by Emily Short

This is the first time I finished an interactive fiction (or text adventure) games. Actually it’s not the first time I tried to play a text adventure game, a week ago I started playing Zork but I got stuck and anyway Zork was too wide for me to explore and it’s just rather hard. Apart from Zork, Emily Short’s Bronze is a puzzle and exploration based game, where the rooms are limited and only one main quest and no combat. The story is derived from Beauty and The Beast which I haven’t seen, so It’s an interesting experience realizing that it’s a nice story.

Bronze is very casual and compelling enough for me to play, the aim is to explore all of the 55 rooms in the Beast’s castle, to free the servants and to restore the king. Until half of the game, my gameplay just flowing and no big trouble came to me. After more than 30 rooms I had explored I got stuck. But by using hints I finally overcome those problems and complete the quest.

Here’s my score :

Gameplay : 10/10
Quest : 9/10
Characters : 7/10
Story : 9/10
Overall : 9/10

Homepage :