Be Stress Free and Just Have Fun

At my age, I had felt so much stress about everything. From every different aspects of my life, I have encountered difficult and stressful moments. A long time later, I finally found a cure : Don’t always follow your desire and don’t push yourself too much. Just do what you enjoy the most and leave everything else, if you can. 🙂

When you get your head dizzy, just slow down, take a deep breath and hold it, then release it slowly. Do it for a few minutes. Calm your mind. And everything will be better.

Do only anything that matters most to you, forget anything that’s not worth the effort or useless. You are wasting your precious time in your life, if you just messing around doing something that you don’t enjoy, with your unstable mind wandering somewhere. Do things that you enjoy, It will make you happier and grateful for your life. Just imagine the perfect life that you only do things that you love and you feel every moment is fun. Now, it can be a reality if you really mean it. : )