April, May, and Saying No

Last April and this early May was a thrilling moment in my life. I got so many things to do that I often found myself burnt out. It’s not easy to be relaxed while you have gazillion tasks demanding your attention. Now I learned that saying ‘yes’ is not always a good idea. I know I don’t want to disappoint people who trust me, but I only have two hands and twenty four hours a day. What I can do is so limited.  By acknowledging those limitations I certainly hope it will reduce my level of madness and busy-ness.

Before April, I got no web development project in my hand. But suddenly there came dozens of them, I said yes to 5 of them, and no to the rest. I still thought that I could do them all, but it wasn’t what I expected. There were delays, revisions, and college tasks coming. I couldn’t be more insane. Suddenly my life was changing into a messy one.

I forced myself to just enjoy it and deliver what I was promising. Although I wasn’t at my best, everything went smoothly. Thankfully, today I just crossed an item from my list by winning the third place at Depok ICT Awards with kak Ujan, for Facilicare project. It was a nice moment, since this project was a failed project at another competition last year.

Fasilkom at Depicta 2014

There are still four items left uncrossed, beside the usual college things. I must learnt to say ‘no’ more often. Cheers.