After a While

Hi, I haven’t been writing since a few months ago. It seems that my writer’s block isn’t stopping me from putting my ideas into writings anymore. Let’s do a quick review of what I did these few months of not showing up.

I was on holiday from late June until the end of August, almost three months of school free days. It was just like yesterday, now that I have to go to campus again. This holiday provides me with opportunities to improve and challenge myself. I was faced with two decision, I got an offer to be an intern at some tech company in Jakarta, but I also want to pursue my commitment to make website templates. It was a tough choice to make, and I choose the unconventional path, the latter one.

It turns out that making website themes is not as easy as I previously thought. It took me three months of working part time, plus an additional three weeks of working full time. A friend of mine supplied the design, and I code the design into a working theme. I learned many things on the process. A commercial theme should be of high quality, pixel perfect, easy to customize, and well documented. In the end I was satisfied with what I created.

Sadly, the review team of ThemeForest didn’t approve our template due to the strict standard they are maintaining and the competition is so fierce. ThemeForest is the marketplace in which we sell our theme. It is a site owned by an Australian company, Envato. I was so sad that our hard work didn’t make it into the market. At the same time, I felt myself inadequate to join the crowd of web developers who make millions from selling themes.

It was worse when I heard that several of my friends took the other path, doing internship at some tech companies. Surely they were getting real word working experience and having fun. I fear I made a wrong turn at this stage of life ._. Well, that’s not exactly true. Now I realized that taking the unconventional path provides more freedom to me, and it improves my self-learning ability (the ability to learn without someone / something to guide you ._. ). Working in an office maybe cool, but it may not be a suitable experience for me. Well, at least I still have three more years to do it though.

I didn’t see any fault in doing something that none others do, as long as I learned a thing or two along the way.

Want to see what I created? Drop me a message.