First Month of My Second Semester

My second semester in college has gone for more than a month. I took 23 credits this semester. Actually I didn’t intend to take additional credits, but I think taking Web Design and Programming course earlier would benefit me. Now my days are full in class, and when I get home I would rest, leaving studying for later.

To balance my life, I often go to seminars around the campus. Two weeks ago I went to an entrepreneurship seminar held by Faculty of Economics. That was one of the most inspiring seminar that I’ve ever attended. I met great people who had make their way to be successful entrepreneurs. I gain much insights from Mr. Dino Patti Djalal, Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo, Mr. Effendi Ghazali, Mr. Gita Wirjawan, Mr. Antonius Tanan, and the Chairman of Kaskus (Ken Dean Lawadinata).

I got more knowledge and insight from two days of seminar than a month of regular class. This is true for most cases, when you’re learning in the classroom, you are taught by a teacher, not a practitioner. A practitioner has gone from different stages of his career, and offer real life advice for us. While a teacher would taught us what’s in the curriculum, the things we could easily Google.

This last month had been a great (and hectic) moment of my life. Lessons are learned, leaving actions to be done.